Trio KDP creates intense swirling soundscapes by merging hard-driving acoustic sound with rock and funk-influenced electrified elements. The core of the band is built off of the popular “power trio” format of guitar, bass and drums that encourages a more outgoing and confident presentation style, sometimes at higher volumes.  With vigorous rhythmic activity, rich harmonies and improvisational invention, the performances of this band typically features extended musical improvisation (“jams”) over strong rhythmic grooves and complex chord patterns, and includes long sets of music that can often cross several musical genres.  By performing original compositions and familiar tunes in a creative way, Trio KDP offers extreme versatility to perform in settings ranging from concert halls, theaters and festival shows, restaurants, corporate events, parties and other celebrations. Trio KDP invites you to enter a rhythmic kinetic state and go on a musical journey of creative expression that explores world grooves with a limitless pallet of musical colors.